Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun 800ml/min Paint Sprayer

This spray gun is an important tool for every homeowner to have. It is a great product made from China and can facilitate spray painting to different items.

You can use the spray gun to apply paint on car parts, wooden surfaces, and home accessories. It has different knobs to facilitate paint emission either circularly, horizontally or vertically.

This is done using the tip of this electric spray gun. Such adjustments are meant to perform paint coating on different surfaces. Apart from its versatile applications, the gun is less costly thus affordable.

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Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun 800mlmin Paint Sprayer


This spray gun is made using ABS plastic components with 3 nozzles. When using this spray, one is able to paint small surfaces of different materials. Among them are home furniture made of wood or steel, the car parts, and other products.

It has an easy way of refilling the paint. The product has a quick refill lid to easily refill the paint while working. There no need for opening the entire gun to make paint additions.

It has a great detachable plan thus simple to clean after usage. One has to carefully read the instructions manual during the process. Remember to exercise a lot of precautions when resembling to avoid malfunctions.

The gun has a high capacity for holding paint with a container of 900ml. One doesn’t need to keep making additions to the paint when using it.

This saves time and makes working easy while minimizing spills.

The guns have a 9.5 ft power line thus convenient to work with over a wide coverage. You can easily adjust the distance according to your liking during work.

The spray gun has a unique plan for removing heat. This facilitates the production of the motor when used.


  • This spray gun is easy to use and can facilitate a number of functions. These functions are three i.e. the horizontal, circular or vertical emissions. One can achieve this by turn the tip of the spray to a specified pattern. This should also be defined by the surface you intend to work on. Choose the spray jet that will facilitate proper painting in the area of preference. A vertical slimmer jet will apply paint coating to the minor area. On the other hand, use a medium channel for a moderate space. Select a wide vertical emission channel to fix paint on bigger areas. This concept can as well apply for both the circular and the vertical jets on the gun.
  • This electric spray gun is easy to work with making your painting practice faster. It is simple to make alterations in the painting situation. You can carry this out using the gun’s amplitude by turning it to left or right.
  • Using this spray gun minimizes any possible wastage resulting from spills. You can achieve this using the special lid on the gun for a refill. One doesn’t need to open the entire gun in order to make additions. This makes the spray gun reliable easy to operate.
  • One can use the spray gun on various applications making it versatile. It doesn’t confine you to a single usage but many. These include painting application on steel and wood surfaces. The spray gun can perfectly paint slim and free spreading surfaces.
  • It is easy to control the speed through which the paint flows. This makes your painting neat and presentable. The gun has been built up with adjustable valve nobs to regulate the flow. You can therefore easily achieve precision while painting.
  • Cleaning the spray gun is simple and faster. The gun has components that are easy to detach during cleaning. You are able to assess the gun’s condition noting any defaults. You also do not need to hire an expert during painting. The gun comes with an easy to follow user manual Once cleaning is done, the fixing process is also easy to follow and apply.
  • The high paint holding capacity makes the gun accommodating to facilitate huge surface painting. You can achieve this without the need for repeated paint refill when working. This immensely saves time and reduces wastage. Once the gun has been filled up to the recommended level, spray painting can start. Frequent paint additions make the paint vulnerable to accidental spilling. This spills can cause accidents and shoddy painting works.
  • It has a long power line which makes it simpler to work on larger surfaces. One is able to concentrate during painting leading to perfect paint works.


  • The gun possesses a possible danger that may result from a short circuit. This can happen if the spray gun is exposed to any form of wetness or rain. This precaution has to be taken during usage and storage.
  • This spray gun might cause wastages if allowed to drip. It is therefore important to carry out proper inspection and tighten any loose ends before usage. Check for possible clogs as it might interfere with the performance of the spray gun.
  • It is easy to lose the seal ring because of its size which might interfere with the gun activities. This is actually the underside of the gun having easy to detach parts. This makes the parts prone to lose which will interfere with the spray gun performance.


Are you are looking for a tool to help you carry out paint works on your own? If so, then this spray gun is perfect for you. Most users have given positive feedback after using it.

From the buyers’ feedback, using this electric spray gun gives you back the value for your money. Its applications effectively fit the intended purpose.

In addition, it gives the user the liberty to perform painting on multiple surfaces. This greatly saves on the cost of having to buy a specific paint gun for a single usage. Get yours as soon as possible and make your paintwork simple.

Using the gun will see you save a lot from possible wastage and the need of hiring an expert. Carefully read through the user manual including the product warning to avoid misuse.

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