SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun with Aluminum Swivel Cup

Are you looking for an adaptable spray gun?

Well, if so look no further than getting your hands on this spray gun. This aluminum swivel cup gun is a worthy investment to make. The product has been in the market for some decades now.

It has managed to build its reputation thus fewer questions about its performance. This spray gun can be used to perform a number of atomized functions.

You can also use it to perform in water, woodwork and even in industrial processes. This machine has features that enable it to turnaround performances making paint works easy.

This spray gun does not need batteries to function as its powered using air. During the initial purchase, the gun packages come with a guide for use and how to construct it.

The gun has silver metallic outlook weighing 8.1 lbs.  You can use this spray gun to perform huge takes that take longer as its lightweight. The spray gun usage is simple to follow for both experts and starters. Read the following article before taking buying decision Best Auto Paint Gun for Beginners

SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun with Aluminum Swivel Cup


  • The spray gun is fitted with a fan design of between 5.5” – 7.5”
  • The gun is created with an aluminum swivel as part of its composition. The role of the aluminum swivel is to enable one to tune the spray gun in any location. This function will help you be able to spray the hidden surfaces when working.
  • It has an air consumption capacity of 4. 2-6-0.
  • It is fitted with a single aluminum cup of 0.41l/0.35oz. This makes the gun simpler to work with once you fill the cup capacity as its big.
  • A needle and a nozzle form part of the spray gun’s components. They are made from a stainless-steel material that is anti-corrosive.
  • This spray gun is made of independent air controls that are regulated during the performance. Together with the air controls, the gun has liquid outlines that facilitate accurate patterns. This greatly minimizes wastages from uncontrolled spillways.
  • It has regulated maximum working pressure at 60 PSI.
  • The gun comes in a silver metallic color with an 8.1 lbs capacity.


  • You can use the spray gun effectively to work on large volumes of work. This is because the gun components are lightweight. One doesn’t get tired in the midst of using the spray gun as the weight manageable. A lot of work can thus be achieved as it requires less energy when handling.
  • The price of the spray gun is less costly. This makes the spray gun available for anyone who requires it. As one doesn’t need to spend a fortune.
  • The procedure of operating the gun is quite simple and straightforward. This makes it easy for anyone to use it including first-timers. You are therefore able to perform the paint works on your own without having to hire an expert. Through such one is able to save on the extra costs involved in getting an expert. Besides it also gives you a chance to learn new skills. You are also able to release those potentials you had never discovered about self.
  • The composition of this spray gun includes a metal frame thus making the gun durable for maximum usage.
  • Does not take a lot of space for storage as the size is manageable. Apart from this, the gun is of high quality with a reasonable weight to work with.
  • It’s easy to paint when using this spray gun since its fitted with independent patterns for regulating the flow. This immensely reduces wastage thus making this spray gun reliable and effective.
  • The performance of this spray gun is universal as it applies to many operations. One can effectively use it to work on wood materials, automotive and manufacturing.
  • The spray gun application is easy to follow making it convenient for professional application.
  • The spray comes with a 30-day warranty making if reliable and legit for one to exploit. You, therefore, have the opportunity to test the product effectiveness


  • The cleaning instruction is not clearly spelled out and one can easily tamper with it. Once tempered with its operations will also be affected leading to frustrations and wastage. You are thus left to make guesses on how to go about cleaning making the spray gun vulnerable.
  • The gun has a weak composition of its key elements. One aspect to be pointed out is the gun’s upright cup which appears to be the loss. Making it be completely tight can be quite a challenge. Such setbacks if not carefully handled might result in wastage and poor performance.
  • It’s not easy for one to clean the spray gun’s cup bottom. This makes it vulnerable to attacks from rust. You will also find it difficult to carry out maintenance. This might also interfere with its work quality as you aren’t absolutely sure of it state. This makes it difficult for someone who paints frequently to use it.
  • This spray gun isn’t permitted for shipping abroad thus limiting users from outside boundaries.


This pray gun has got lots of benefits compared to its downsides. It is easy to manipulate while working with it because of its lightweight. Besides, it has a very low cost with great outputs thus a worthwhile expense. The gun offers you autonomy of painting on your own as the instruction for usage are simple and straightforward.

The spray gun if the best fit for a bigger project that requires longer painting works. This is aided by the gun’s capacity to hold large volumes of paint with less repeated refills. The gun’s nozzle and drip are made up of steel making it less corrosive while enhancing its durability.

You are able to process several operations since this spray gun is universal. The gun can effectively function on numerous operation that includes wood, industrial and automotive.

Having all the above in mind, analyze your expectation before stepping out for purchase. Understand the kind of work required for the machine. This will help you to easily make a decision when shopping. This product can easily be found on many online stores.

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