Muzata HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

Air spray Gravity feed guns are commonly used for surface finishing and airbrushing. This air spray gun is most convenient for spraying full paint coverage. You can opt using this spray gun when aiming to attain consistency and professionalism.

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The spray gun has 3 fluid tips of 2.0 mm, 1.4 mm and 1.7 mm. This makes it possible for one to facilitate coating of different fields and surfaces. Using this spray gun gives a softer outcome to your paint and it’s easy to control.

The gun can be used to perform multiple application with strong viscidness. These applications include clear coats, top coats and basecoats for home appliances or industrial productions.

Muzata HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun


  • Has 3 nozzles of 2.0 mm, 1.4 mm and 1.7 mm facilitate coatings for a variety of fields with professionalism.
  • The air spray has a versatile application to various surfaces which include home equipment, industrial automotive and furniture.
  • The gun is appropriate for multiple applications which are the top coating, base coating, and clear coating sprays.
  • The spray comes with a durable storage package that stores the gun well protecting it for future use.
  • The needle and nozzle for this spray gun are made from stainless steel material. This material makes the gun strong, durable and long-lasting. One can rely on the spray gun for long-term applications.
  • The spray gun comes with a 600 CC cup for holding the paint making it easy to facilitate the painting works.
  • The spray can also be effectively used for industrial priming applications.


The cost of the paint is cheap thus affordable. This makes it available to interested consumers. One can easily use this air spray gun to spray gel coat effectively with no issues arising.

It is easy to store. This spray paint gun comes with a toolbox option that keeps your painting tools organized. The storage package is great for keeping the spray and other accessories intact for future usage. The entire painting compartment is therefore protected from dust, wear and tear.

The nozzle tips of different sizes provide flexibility when using this spray. You can easily utilize the different tips on future painting work that call for a wider range.

This spray gun is easy to disassemble for ease of cleaning and maintenance. It also easy to reassemble the pieces back after cleaning in preparation for the next project. The gun has an adjustable nozzle feature. This feature enables one to regulate the nozzle for a perfect coating in a skillful manner.

The spray gun gives one a variety of choices to decide depending on the type of project. The gun’s 3 nozzle applications make it possible to work effectively on the variety of projects. One doesn’t need to purchase an extra spray gun to carter for the different applications.

This spray gun is easy to work with as it fitted with a 600 cc cup for holding the paint. Its lightweight and therefore easy to manage by the user over a long time. One can easily manage the weight when holding the gun which provides for excellent performance. There is reduces fatigue thus motivating to the user.

The storage package makes it possible to safely keep the gun and other accessories. One can avoid unnecessary loss of any compartments from the gun since they are all in one store.

The spray gun is reliable as it offers multiple applications. This application includes the base coat, primers, top coat and clear coat. There’s no need to buy several other spray guns to facilitate the above-mentioned application. This will save you from incurring extra costs.

The painting work forms this spray is professional and consistent. This makes your painting work to be satisfying and dependable in meeting expectations. Using this spray gun also facilitate a soft surface coating for your project.

This spray gun is simple to use even for both professional and beginners. The product comes with a user manual that is simple and easy to follow.

You do not have to be an expert to achieve a great paintwork. The manual further gives instructions on how to disassemble making the spray gun user-friendly.

The spray gun is durable and good fit for long-term usage. This is because the nozzle and needle are made from the steel material which is anti-corrosive.

Steel material is less susceptible to attack by rust thus a longer lifespan for the gun. This facilitates maximum utilization of the gun with reliable outputs.


  • The inner tip is too tight. This could be challenging during dissembling for cleaning purposes resulting in frustrations.
  • The protruding wrench on the spray gun is sharp. This could be harmful to the user because that’s where the pressure is applied during application. One will have to devise ways to successfully remove the tip without harm. This makes the gun unfriendly to the user.
  • If the different parts of the gun are not tightened before work begins can lead to wastage. Wastage can result from paint leaking interfering with the final look.


This spray gun has lots of advantages for one to invest in than the contrary. It gives one room for making multiple applications without the need for multiple guns. The different tip sizes make it possible to achieve thus making the gun reliable and flexible.

The storage capacity is big thus capable of holding a lot of paint. You are able to comfortably carry on with a huge project without a need for multiple refilling. The gun is able to help you work on different surfaces that include metal and wood.

You are also able to work well using this spray gun without being an expert. The gun comes with an easy to read user guide information which is simple and straightforward. You can rely on this spray gun for future use once through with the current project.

This because the gun is made of durable materials that are rust resistant boasting its lifespan. You can easily find the gun in online stores at a very low cost compared to other products in the same line.

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