The 5 Best Paintball Guns to Make Your Paintball Fight Legendary in 2019

One of the top trending games these days is paintball. You can play solo or with a group of friends. You can coordinate serious gameplay with tactical positioning and strategies or just let off steam casually. Paintball has become a fast growing sport bringing together people who love action sports outdoors.

However, your team would be incomplete without the best paintball gun. There are a variety of guns available in the market but the team with the best supplies has the edge. So to help you out here we have a list of the best paintball guns of 2018. These guns will work for both beginners and pros alike.

Best Pro Paintball Gun Reviews of 2019

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker


This paintball gun is rich with many amazing features. It has been manufactured with such technology that it will perform perfectly for the beginners as well as professionals. The best paintball gun has been ergonomically designed with the rugged polymer trigger. Spyder has an anodized matte finish that will provide you with an exceptional performance even in the bright conditions.


Some of the amazing features that you will come across in Spyder Victor are:

  • It has a top cocking Delrin bolt with pull pins
  • The micro ported barrels are 10 in number
  • The gas line is steel braided and durable
  • The valve system is patented
  • Compressed air or CO2 options are available
  • With the 20 oz tank of CO2, you can easily shot more than 1600 shots. You can conduct quick changes on the fly with the external velocity adjuster.


Spyder Victor best paintball gun will provide you with the following benefits:

  • The best paintball gun is reliable for the beginners
  • In case that you have budget issues, the gun is available at an affordable rate
  • It can easily handle wear and tear and very hard to break
  • Spyder is easy to customize because of the included rails in the gun


A few drawbacks of the product are:

  • It is plastic built
  • The target might get inaccurate for the long ranges
  • It does not shoot very fast.
  • If you are a beginner, the Spyder Victor will be perfect for you. So make sure that you start practicing your skills with an efficient gun that would make it easy for you to learn the techniques.

U.S. Army Project Salvo .68 Caliber Paintball


It has been equipped with the innovative tool storage compartments in the magazine. It will allow you to easily carry some of the side elements like the cleaning cable, lubricants and wrench set. It has a high-performance design that has been manufactured with the durable material to make sure that you will give the best in your play.


The best paintball gun has been manufactured with the following features:

  • Die-cast receiver is all aluminum
  • It has a complete slim look
  • The design is similar to AR-15.
  • It has a collapsible barrel with 6 positioning folding.
  • The gun has been manufactured with a simple to understand firing mechanism
  • The stainless steel gas line has a heavy duty braid
  • The rear sight can be adjusted in the best paintball gun
  • It has four Picatinny rails for modifications
  • Recently, it has been upgraded with the e-trigger; cyclone feed system and the response trigger. Project salvo is all compatible with the parts of other guns.


Invest in the product to enjoy the following benefits:

  • It has a rubber grip for proper handling
  • It has a sturdy and adjustable stock
  • Pneumatic oil and barrel cleaner are included in the box
  • The performance of salvo is excellent
  • Design of the gun is very attractive
  • To make your experience better several upgrades can be easily supported
  • Velocity is adjustable with easy maintenance


Some disadvantages are:

  • Short distance firing might not be very beneficial
  • You might find it extra long

Azodin Blitz 3


If you are a beginner then the Azodin is the perfect choice because of the recent upgrades that have been done to the product. The best paintball gun has become one of the most wanted guns because of the perfect performance that it has been providing. The effectiveness has been enhanced with the latest valve system that improves the mass flow. The new model is lighter and easy to carry from all its competitors.

The best paintball gun has a scythe trigger that is not only durable but also you will require no training to learn the techniques of using it. It has an extended battery life that will allow you to have the best fight.


Some of the amazing features include:

  • It can easily fire 15 balls in a second
  • The gun is light in weight
  • 9-volt battery powers the simple electronic structure
  • The operation is nitrogen and CO2 compatible
  • For safe and secure loading it has a twist lock system
  • The durability and accuracy of the gun will make you fall in love with it. During the extended play, it is user-friendly. The moment that you will open the box the best paintball gun will change your playing techniques.


Buy the product to enjoy the following benefits:

  • It is affordable with remarkable performance
  • It has been equipped with the ASA on and off specification
  • The maintenance and cleaning is very easy because of the least amount of O-rings present in the gun


A few drawbacks of the gun are:

  • There is no stock trigger
  • It is easy to move the regulator hose line

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun


It is the best paintball gun for the beginners as well as the intermediate users. It has been manufactured with the composite body that enhances the durability of the product. It has the special in-line bolt system that makes it easy to adjust the gun during the gameplay. You will not have to stop playing the game in order to readjust your weapon.

It has an ideal shooting range of 150ft that makes it perfect for the long-range targets. It has an internal gas line that makes it easy to focus on the targets.


The best paintball gun has been equipped with the following features:

  • It has a soft molded grip that makes it user-friendly
  • The front and rear sights have been fixed
  • Manufactured with the inline bolt system
  • The operation is compatible with air and CO2
  • Best paintball gun has three different modifications
  • There are four Picatinny rails with the additional modifications
  • The collapsible stock has 6 positions
  • It has a complete military look that will make you feel like a soldier


Cronus best paintball gun has the following advantages:

  • Affordable
  • The gun is easy to understand and utilize
  • Perfect for all types of fields including speedball and woodsball
  • A perfect starter gun
  • Lightweight and easy to upgrade


A few drawbacks of the product are:

  • When the long trigger is pulled the firing speed is slow
  • It is difficult to dismantle
  • Require upgrades

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker


In the Tippmann 98, many new modifications have been introduced that makes it the best paintball gun for all the platforms. It will provide you with a terrific performance and can be regarded as the gun of the future. The Tippmann 9 is famous for its manufacturing and reliability.

In order to maintain the velocity of the ball, it has been equipped with a special anti-chop system. You will not have to re-cock the device every time you are engaged. In order to enhance the stability of the best paintball gun, it has been manufactured with the vertical grip in the front. The produce is easy to dismantle that makes the cleaning procedure quick.


The best paintball gun has the following features:

  • The thread flatline barrel is latest and quick
  • It has a speed of 8 shots in a second
  • There would be no paint breakage
  • The inline bolt system is strong and reliable
  • For the quick access to the internal components, it has split receiver
  • Many modifications have been included with the addition of Picatinny rail
    Compatible with nitrogen, compressed air, and CO2


The product will provide you with the following benefits:

  • The best paintball gun is reliable
  • It can be customized in different ways
  • Comfortable and no maintenance required


A few drawbacks that you have to face are:

  • It is a bit of recoil in terms of performance
  • Expensive

Final verdict

So now with the complete list of the best paintball guns of 2018 make sure that you select the one that will meet your financial budget and requirements. It is important that you buy the paintball gun from a quality retailer like The Paintball Elite.

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