Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners Review

Don’t we love cleanly painted automobiles as they cruise down the highway? It is at such a time that we wish that we could paint our cars in the same way – we know you do. In the following write up, we provide a review of best automotive paint gun for beginners to help you make the right choice.

Automotive paint guns have come a long way, and are now more efficient than in the past. As a beginner, choosing the right paint gun for your DIY project can sometimes be as hard as it gets. That’s if you are not armed with the correct info.

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Best Auto Paint Gun For Beginner 2019

Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun

best automotive paint gun for the money

With three nozzle sizes and three spray patterns, this is definitely one of the most adjustable spray guns you will find on the market.

But one of the best highlight features is that you can use both water and oil paints – talk of versatility!

The paint gun is portable, and you can carry it to wherever you need to do your paint project. And another thing about this gun is that it is fully detachable – a good thing when it comes to cleaning the equipment. This product is also user-friendly, especially if you are a beginner.


  • A fully adjustable spray garden
  • You can use both oil and water paints – quite versatile
  • A portable design
  • It is easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use


  • You cannot use it upside down
  • Easily clogs
  • Not ideal for thick coats
  • The replacement parts are hard to come by

SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun with Aluminum Swivel Cup

best spray gun for painting cars

This is probably one of the lightest paint guns which do justice to its portability. It also features an aluminum cup and body ensuring durability. But it also carries a simplistic design and is quite easy to use.

It has a decent working pressure of between 44 and 51 PSI. To ensure a more precise application, the gun boasts air controls, a fan pattern, and adjustable fluid.


  • The lightweight construction which enhances it portability
  • A durable aluminum cup and body
  • The spray gun is easy to use
  • A good working pressure of between 44 and 51 PSI
  • Has a high level of adjustability
  • Features a potent atomization


  • May produce an uneven and splotchy finish
  • Does nto come with instructions
  • Not the best of quality – there’s something for the price you are willing to pay.

TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set

best hvlp paint gun

This is a set of three guns that perform the task that you have pretty much assigned them and delivers a beautiful finish on your car.

These are quality high-performance products without the high price – they are favorably priced considering the quality.

But it is also a very versatile spray gun as it easily handles single stages, clear coat, base coats, and primers among others – a product that will stoke your creativity.

The paint gun features a 1.4mm fluid tip, ideal for light and medium viscosity materials. There’s also another gun, a 1.8mm tip for medium and heavy viscosity substances such as latex, oil base, and primers among others. The 1mm tip is best for touch up and tight spots.


  • High-quality HVLP spray guns
  • Comes as a set of three for your convenience
  • They are not complicated to use
  • It is quite versatile
  • 4mm tip gun ideal for light to medium viscosity materials


  • The guns have a thread sealant that makes taking the guns apart a difficult task
  • May not maintain the right pressure

Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

top 5 automotive spray guns

You will notice the attractive steel body the moment you lay your eyes on this gun. It is therefore easy to clean and maintain. The nozzle is stainless steel that keeps off corrosion and rust while the cap is solid brass for adequate durability.

And to ensure precise paint application, the paint gun features three adjustable pressure valves. It has a decent operating pressure of 40PSI.


  • An appealing and easy to clean steel surface
  • A stainless steel nozzle that is corrosion and rust resistant
  • A brass cap for durability
  • It is easy to use
  • Three adjustable pressure valves for precise application
  • Multifunctional as you can use the product on primer, metallic basecoat, and other automobile paints


  • The regular knob may snap off – not the best of quality
  • It is not easy to disassemble

DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit

best hvlp spray gun for automotive paint

Another quality spray gun set that has everything you are going to require as a beginner. You will not need to run in different directions to acquire them when you are in the middle of a project – not ideal. The pack includes a 1.3mm spray gun – full size, and a 1.0mm mini-detail gun.

The adjusting valves on the guns make it easy to vary the flow rate depending on the project and paint. And to keep everything organized, the set comes with a convenient pack.


  • Has everything that you need as a beginner in painting
  • Comes with an easy to organize pack
  • The spray guns have air adjusting valves
  • The spray guns have air adjusting valves
  • It is easy to use


  • The fluid tip is quite tight
  • The full-size gun may not produce the necessary flow

Muzata HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

best paint gun for the money

If you are out for something that is easy to use but at the same time produces a professional finish, then you would be better placed with this product. For starters, the spray gun comes with three varied nozzle tips for a variety of applications – there is 1.4mm, 2.0mm, and 1.7mm. You basically have all you need for a wide-spectrum of painting.

The gun is easy to control and chances of having an overspray are minimal.


  • Easy to use and professional
  • An organized box to keep everything in its place
  • Come with three nozzle tips for a variety of applications
  • Quite easy to control for an even surface
  • A multiuse spray gun ideal for automotive painting, furniture and equipment applications
  • The needle and nozzle are stainless steel for durability, especially where water-based paints are involved


  • May start spurting and spraying erratically when not adequately cleaned
  • The atomizer is not the best

Astro 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot with Gun and Hose Paint and Body Spray Guns

auto spray gun reviews

This is pressure spray gun that makes your automotive spraying project a breeze. The product comes with a convenient pressure pot rated at 2 quarts.

For accurate settings, there is a pressure regulator, and pressure gauge – necessary for that perfect paint job you want. The gun is therefore easy to regulate.

The equipment allows you to mix and at the same time paint 2 quarts at a time.


  • An easy to use pressure gun
  • Comes with a 2-quart pressure pot among other accessories
  • Has a pressure regulator and pressure gauge for accurate settings
  • You can mix and spray 2 quarts of medium
  • Ideal for spraying large surfaces such as a bus


  • May not provide the necessary flexibility you need when painting – moving around may not be easy

Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

best auto paint gun for beginners

This is a 1.8mm nozzle spray gun that any level of user will find easy to use. For starters, this is a multi-use spray gun that you only need to clean and apply for the next application. It also features an exclusive and easy to understand air hose design.

The paint gun has an adjustable fan control for effective painting. It has a 1-quart dripless cup and a 1.8mm nozzle, sufficient for automotive painting application. This product comes with detailed spray instructions, especially ideal for beginners.


  • A multiuse spray gun
  • Quite easy to use
  • An exclusive and easy to understand air nozzle design
  • Detailed instructions for newbies
  • The air feed line is anti-spill no matter the angle you use


  • May need a quick connect adapter to function well

PowRyte Elite 20 Oz Composite HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

best spray gun for acrylic paint

The High Volume Low-Pressure spray gun is composite construction making the gun lightweight and easy to use – ideal for those starting out. Unlike other varieties, this particular spray gun has a high and even transfer rate, free of overspray and bounce backs.

You will also find an external mix cap for a high-level of precision. To avoid spillage, there is a non-drip cup – much-reduced mess. The paint spray is easy to regulate and comes with easy t adjust knobs – you can play around with them until you get to the ideal.


  • A composite construction making the spray gun easy to use
  • Features a high and even transfer rate for a professional paint finish
  • It is easy to use
  • An external mix cap for a high level of precision
  • Has three control knobs for easy control
  • A filter for clean paint and efficient flow


  • After a period of use, the paint may not flow well

PowRyte Elite Composite Mini HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun with Regulator

best automotive hvlp spray gun

As mentioned earlier on, the composite construction that this gun comes in makes it comfortable and easy to use. This gun also incorporates HVLP technology for efficiency in paint applications. The external cap and non-drip cup ensure there’s minimal wastage of paint through unnecessary drips.

Has three control knobs for varying the pressure and the flow – you can choose the ideal one for your current project application. And to ensure there are minimal impurities that gatecrash into your project, the spray gun features a functional filter.


  • Composite construction for easier handling
  • A decent transfer of material at an even rate
  • Features such as a non-drip cup, ensuring there’s minimal wastage of paint
  • Three control knobs for easier varying of pressure
  • Has a filter to provide a clean paint
  • Stainless steel needles for durability.


  • The paint capacity may be small to paint a big project efficiently
  • The air cap may not be firm making spills and messes possible

How to Choose Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

To ensure a high-quality paint finish on your beloved car, you need to choose the right automotive paint for you. Yes, there are numerous varieties and going through the specifications of each can leave our head spinning. Among the most straightforward ways of landing your prize by looking out for some factors that characterize the best paint gun. So which are these factors?

  • Nozzle Size: this factor depends on the type of paint that you want to use. Typically, a heavy paint needs bigger holes to ensure efficient flow. Smaller holes for thicker paint will not flow the way that you would like it. But it is never good to limit yourself to one type of paint. Ideally, go for paint guns that come in a set to cover different kinds of color.
  • HVLP Gun: the High Volume Low-Pressure guns are the most ideal for handling car paint And if possible, couple this with TE or in other words, high transfer rate. An HVLP gun that boasts a high TE ensures there’s minimal paint waste and that that the pant spread is even.
  • Air Compressor: the compressor that you choose must demonstrate efficiency regarding the volume they produce at a steady pressure. Depending on the CFM of your paint gun, the compressor must give off in excess of5 times this CFM.
  • Siphon Feed/ Gravity: basically, there are two varieties of paint feeds available. The first is the gravity feed, and it is the most preferred. Typically, the gravity feed varieties use less pressure and come in clear containers. This allows you to determine how much paint you have remaining.

The siphon feed paints are cheaper and come large containers that don’t necessarily have to be clear like their counterparts. However, they deliver the same quantity of paint as the gravity feed varieties.

  • Portability: it goes without saying a paint that is easy to carry is desirable. Apparently, you will not be purchasing a gun to use just in one product. You must have several lined up in the future. However, lack of portability would be a significant shortcoming.

Ideally, if you can find a paint gun outfitted with a backpack, the better.

  • Power: different paint varieties may have varying power sources. Well, this factor depends on what your preferences are – we are different, and we don’t like the same things. However, the power that you can easily control by hand is the most ideal.
  • Flexibility: you obviously will need to adjust you pant gun as you progress with your paint job. In that regard, you will need to select the paint gun that has several settings for efficiency. For example, paint speed, pattern, and thickness are some of the ideal settings that you paint gun should have. And if the canister can hold various paints, perfect!
  • Easy to Clean: the best paint gun is easy to clean. It does not give you much trouble when it comes to dismantling it for the all-important cleanup process. If you are wondering whether paint gun cleaning is essential, then you haven’t the slightest idea how old stuck paint can prove problematic.

How to Use a Car Paint Spray Gun Properly

Before you can jump right into painting your automobile, make sure you have gathered everything you need including the painting equipment and safety gear.

And as a beginner, you will need some training on a piece of junk or wall. It is only then you can move on to your car after you have gotten some painting basics.

The next step is sanding the vehicle to remove any impurities and old paint. For a beautiful and flawless surface, you’ll need to get rid of anything that would possibly stand in the way of achieving this.

Cover all those areas that you don’t want the paint and then move to primer application.

For the primer, make sure to follow the can instructions on the how to prepare it. Then make sure to apply it evenly all-round the car.

Clean the gun and use the recommended thinner and paint ratio to mix. You then move into the next phase which is painting your car. The last step is the application of clear coat lacquer and removal of the masking tape.

What PSI should I use to paint a car?

This pretty much depends on the kind of paint you are using. Typically, the ideal PSI when dealing with a clear paint is around 3 to allow optimal atomization and flow out. The majority of HVLP utilize 40 PSI for between 10 and 14 SCFM.


If you are new to painting cars and would like to reward it with a beautiful coat of paint, then you are going to require the best auto paint gun for beginners.

Well, there are various varieties with different functionalities, but the best among them is easy to use, is portable, has sufficient power and is probably HVLP among others. But something budget-friendly will definitely suffice.

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