Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup, Red Handle, 1.8mm Nozzle

This spray gun is a great product to facilitate all your spray painting needs designed for all purposes. The spray gun has been constructed with a two parts design to exhibit a pure air valve plan.

It is fitted with an easily adjusted fan to regulate its patterns. The adjustment option makes the gun simple to work with. It has a 1.8 mm nozzle tip to achieve full spray paint coverage.

The spray gun is equipped with a dripless cup of 1 quartz capacity. This capacity helps one to work well with medium to large project.

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Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup


  • It has a nozzle tip of 1.8 mm that performs the quick application of primers. The spray gun is able to perform heavy coatings and glue.
  • It has a dripless cup with 1 quartz capacity to promote ample working without wastage. One is able to achieve proper spray work on any kind of project. The gun is meant for all-purpose application. The cup is made up of aluminum material, thus long lasting for optimal use.
  • It has a 50-60psi pressure with a relating knob for precise patterns.
  • It is lightweight with a net weight of 1.36 kg convenient for complex projects.
  • At has a versatile application on a range of surfaces which include cabinet shops, woodwork, body, industrial autos and marine


  • The spray gun offers a lot of flexibility in usage, reliability and accommodate. You can use the paint to achieve different applications. They include substantial coating, primers and glues. There’s no need for one to incur extra costs for extra sprays to meet different applications.
  • One is able to work successfully on larges surfaces, achieving full coverage and professionalism. This is made possible by the gun’s adjustable nozzle tips to regulate the design patterns.
  • The spray gun is easy to clean as its easy to disassemble the pieces. The spray gun comes with a manual on how to separate the pieces and put them back. The instructions used are simple to follow and apply.
  • This spray gun is able to satisfactorily meet your diversified needs. One is able to use it to spray different projects with different requirements. Example are woodworks, marine, industrial autos and cabinet shops.
  • One is able to avoid wastage when using this spray gun. The compartments of the gun include a 1 quartz dripless cup for proper paint holding. This helps to effectively utilize the paint while working. It also facilitates a clean working environment with less after work cleanups.
  • It is less costly and facilitates fast spray work while increasing productivity. You are able to save on the cost of having to buy multiple sprays for a complex project.
  • This spray gun gives satisfactory performances. It facilitates proper spray paint even on huge projects. You are able to achieve a big spray mileage in a single fill.

Besides the longer performance, using this spray work facilitates smooth finish and finer coatings.

  • This spray gun facilitates maximum utilization of its potential as it durable. The cup is also dripless thus full utilization of the paint once filled in.
  • Depending on the kind of surface one is working on, it easy to adjust the gun’s width and height. This makes the gun flexible and user-friendly.
  • It is also easy to regulate the flow of the paint to achieve the desired outcomes. This spray gun can comfortably work with the different liquid application, including oil based primer and paint.
  • The cost of purchase is low compared to other products in the same category and give excellent performances. You can easily access the product through online stores.
  • The quality of the setup is great and strong to facilitate long-term performances. One doesn’t need to worry about having to tighten a piece or two during the usage. Once fixed and ready, you will get a proper spray works to the end thus increased productivity. This also saves time and promote satisfaction.


  • It might be incontinent to use when applying paint to a large surface such as a house wall. The fan pattern doesn’t adjust wide enough to give wider sprays for the paint works. It could be frustrating and tiresome if the surface one is working on huge.
  • This spray gun is not a good fit for beginners. A lot of technical adjustments have to be put in place before work starts for proper outcomes. This might be difficult for someone who is inexperienced to comprehend. The spray patterns aren’t so obvious, one would need to have the proper expertise for a clean job.
  • The fact that the gun is meant for whole purposes, the chances for improper applications are high. This might lead to wastage as well as interfere with the gun’s performance. One will also have to incur extra costs in the process if in the process repairs are needed. On the extreme case, one will require purchasing a new spray gun if the damage is beyond repair.


Owning this spray gun to improve your spray works is a great investment. The gun’s cost is relatively cheap while its performance is exemplary. You are able to save money while increasing productivity.

One is able to confidently carry out painting for small to medium projects with fewer inconveniences. The gun is easy to clean and maintain. It is easy to separate the pieces and carry out proper cleaning.

The gun is great for handling long-term projects due to the huge holding capacity of 1 quartz cup. The spray gun is made from the durable aluminum material that’s appropriate for long-term applications.

This spray gun is versatile as it an all-purpose gun. This provides the user with a variety of options to use while meeting their diversified needs.

The spray gun has a few deficits such as its weight. It might be tiresome to use when working for longer hours. However, this can be manageable by reducing the amount of paint to fill at a time.

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