Astro 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot with Gun and Hose Paint and Body Spray Guns

Are you looking for a spray gun that will facilitate a complete and even coating of your van?

If you are, then this spray gun is a perfect fit for you. This spray gun is good for spraying large surfaces like trucks, cars, and vans.

Use it to achieve a great paint spray for your car at an affordable cost. The gun has a nozzle of 1.2 mm to facilitate excellently and even paint spray for the selected project.

This spray gun has a fluid pressure controller and a pressure gauge to foster precision. Using this spray gun permits one to blend and paint 18933 CC (2 quartz).

pressure pot spray gun kit


  • It is a 2-quartz pressure pot spray gun kit fitted with a pressure pot.
  • The spray gun has got a pressure gauge to control pressure and fluid for accurate designing.
  • The spray gun can facilitate 2 quartz painting by the user at ago making it reliable and time-saving.
  • It has a six ft hose of a twin set. This hose permits easy functioning and management of the spray gun.
  • The spray gun is able to perfectly spray huge surfaces belonging to different vehicles. Such vehicles include cars, buses, and vans.


  • Using this spray gun help one to achieve meticulous settings for fine paint coverage. The spray gun is fitted with a pressure device and a regulator for the fluid pressure to achieve this. This gives confidence in the users’ applications resulting in proper working and fulfillment. This aspect also ascertains one’s professionalism inappropriate painting works.
  • You are able to effectively handle a 2 quartz painting at a time due to the 2 quartz pressure cup. Using this spray gun is therefore convenient and time saving. It’s also a good fit when one is working on big projects.
  • The user is able to facilitate professional spray painting for different motor vehicles. These vehicles are the buses, cars, and vans. This spray gun is therefore very flexible and appropriate for use on large surfaces.
  • The spray gun is easy to operate and manipulate during working as its fitted with 6 ft hose. This makes it user-friendly and simple to operate.
  • It is easy for one to regulate the fluid pressure by a single snap. This helps one to easily work with the gun while maintaining accuracy in the project. This is because the gun has a gauge which is easy to adjust while regulating the fluid pressure.
  • The spray gun has a huge holding capacity making it appropriate for a long and complex project. The spray gun is versatile and can work with a variety of paints such water-based, latex and gel.
  • The spray gun easy to clean and maintain. One needs to make just a few disconnections for a complete and perfect cleaning. just ensure to check on any possible clogs and ensure removal for a better performance next.
  • The gun’s set up is of perfect quality and therefore reliable in meeting its purpose. One does not need to worry about parts of the gun being loose. Once it well set and fully fixed, your job is to work as much as you can.
  • The spray gun is simple and effective to work with as it moves the paint up very faster. This boasts your spray painting performances saving on time.
  • The cost of the spray is relatively low thus affordable with massive advantages to gain. The spray gun is able to facilitate flawless paint works for excellent final pieces.
  • The spray gun is a company with a user guide information for reference purposes. Other information found on the manuals include product lifespan.
  • The spray gun is easily accessible on online stores thus ease to a purchase. Understand your painting needs visa vie the services of this product. Once you are sudden you can carry out market analyzing comparing prices on the varies online stores. This makes it easier to decide when it is time for a final purchase. Ensure to accurately read and understand the shipping conditions and the immediate usage.


  • As much as the gun is easy to clean, it difficult to identify and remove clogs. This might interfere with the performance of the spray gun. Separating the pieces during cleaning might weaken some parts of the spray. This might affect its proper performance in the future project it not identified. One needs to take precaution and care to ensure that every piece is perfectly fixed and in place.
  • The spray gun is heavyweight and inconvenient to move around with. A lot of energy has to be used during the process. This is especially when lots of movements are involved.
  • This spray can be challenging for a beginner to manipulate. As much as the set up is of great quality a lot of caution has to observed during work. If not, it can lead to accidents and wastages. This will also interfere with guns overall performance on the selected surfaces.
  • The spray guide lacks precise information on the material specifics to work with. This leaves the user making lots of guesswork which might be harmful to the project.


This spray gun is a good fit to facilitate excellent spray works to your vehicle. It is less limiting as one can use it with different liquids i.e water based, latex or gel. The spray gun is easily accessible online at a lower cost.

Using the spray gun promotes professionalism and flawless spray work thus worthy investment. This gun is able to effectively handle big projects to completion due to the large holding capacity.

On the other hand, the spray gun has a few defects which have very little influence on the final outlook. Such setback includes its weight. This spray gun is a heavyweight application thus require a lot of energy during operations.

It can be quite inconveniencing if one requires frequent movements while working. The user can easily get tired due to the continuous lifting of the container to new positions. Besides this you got multiple benefits to rip from using the product as mentioned above.

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