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It is important to realize when reading these paintball tips articles, especially for paintball positions, that there is no single way of playing every game and situation.  Field layouts can completely change the way a game can be played. Especially in speedball and tournaments, the dynamic of every game changes quickly, and part of being a good paintball player is practicing enough to have the experiences and knowledge to understand whats happening and how to react.

However, here are some great tips for paintball players who want to get better at the sport, and have tried to emphasize not to take just one style of play away from these articles.  Remember the best way to improve is to keep practicing!

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About the Corner and the Tape

The corner is a very important position on many field layouts.  It can be used to lock down tapes and control an entire side of the field.  In general, you usually want to play the outside of the bunker and wrap, instead of shoot inside.  If your shooting inside, you are giving up the tape dominance to the other team, which can be hard to get back.


Before the Game

Before the game, walk the field and look at your shots from the corner.


  • Some things to look at include:


  • Your shots from the corner
  • Where to shoot when you wrap
  • Where to come out shooting after sliding into the bunker
  • Check any shots from the inside
  • Recognize who can shoot you from the inside and when you need to play tight
  • Lanes to the corners, back center, snake, doritos, ect.
  • Difficulty running off the break or running and gunning
  • Secondary movements and bunkers, those shots
  • The rest of the field..




Off the Break

After walking the field, you should have a general game plan and break out for your team.  When playing the corner, you need to analyze what you want to do in terms of the break out.

Some options are:


Dive, come out shooting and get the jump on your opponent


  1. Fast runs to the corner
  2. Useful for  hard runs to the corner that may be difficult to run and gun
  3. Can get to the corner on fields where tape dominance is extremely important and the tape is dangerous



  1. No gun up shooting off the break
  2. If the corner is key, opponents could have heavy lanes (multiple guns) on your run.


Run and Gun

  1. Just as fast or slightly slower than sprinting
  2. Your gun is up on the break and can shoot a lane
  3. Delay and Lane, then bump



  1. You can shoot a solid lane then bump
  2. May be able to avoid lanes off the break that may die down



  1. May be hard to get out to the corner, especially if opponents make it there


Secondary Move


  1. Safer and you can choose when to bump, and get a feel for how the team is playing
  2. safer then delaying at back center or a pillar when you could get stuck
  3. More freedom to wrap them move



  1. Could get trapped inside
  2. Slow getting out to the tape

Just practice different break out options and get a feel for when to use them.  In general, I would say run and gun to the corner, as having guns up is important and increases your chance of an early elimination.  This puts your team at a large advantage for the beginning of the game if all players stay alive.


Playing the Corner in Paintball

Based on the field layout, the corner can differ quite a bit, as well as the prefered playing style.  In general you should try to stand if possible as this allows for a skinnier profile and faster movements (snap shooting, ect.)


First Step

When you first get in the corner, whether its off the break or a secondary bump, you should know what your opponents are doing on your side of the field, and where they are.  Make sure you run with your head up looking at the other team!! This is important, and lets you see where players are, where they are running, where they are shooting, and ideas of other locations based on paint stream trajectories.  Don’t use the old method of running with a hand over your lens to increase a chance of a bounce, or looking straight where your running (nothings happening there).

Use the knowledge you get when running as soon as you get into the bunker.  As I dive in the corner, I pop back up and come out shooting as soon as I get to the other end of the bunker.  If this is off the break, this can let you get the jump on your opponent who might come out into a paint stream oversliding or shooting.

Be careful with this because it goes both ways.  If you see someone on the the tape shooting, they may try and catch you over sliding or eagerly attempting to shoot the tape.  Don’t blindly come out shooting, check for paint and know whats happening.


Playing the Corner

now that your here, the general strategy is to gain tape dominance.  In general, you always want to be on the tape, keeping the other teams in their bunkers or shooting inside.  This allows your front players to move up the tape without anyone being able to control them and hold them back, giving them huge cross field angles and dominating the opposition.


Learn to reload while shooting.

One big mistake playing the corner is winning a gunfight with someone only to realize your out of paint and need to reload, losing your advantage.  Practice and learn when your loader is close to empty and reload while your gun is up.



Wrapping is a term in paintball for wrapping around the bunker.  If your controlling the tape you can take shots further inside by wrapping around on the same side, and lay some paint on other bunkers such as the back center, possibly catching them off gaurd.  This technique is very useful for putting in opponents just before making a move to a new bunker.


Gun Fighting Paintball Tips

Often in a corner or similar position on the paintball field, you will have to fight with an opponent for the tape.  Both teams will understand the importance and key role of tape control.


Don’t be overly aggressive

First, stay alive and play smart.  Don’t play stupid and get yourself eliminated by blindly gun fighting someone who is dominating you.  Pick your moments and spots, and watch his paint streams next to you if your inside your bunker. You can’t help your team if your eliminated.  However don’t be too shy in attempting to regain control and laying some pressure on your mirror. Your going to have to take some shots to get back the tape.


Gunfighting Tips

I try to get on the tape as soon as possible when I get into the corner.  If I have control, I stay there since it can be extremely difficult to regain control if you loose it.

When snap shooting, always start shooting before you come out of your bunker!


This is for a few reasons:

  1. Your ramp will kick in, firing a 12+BPS stream right away
  2. Your balls wont warp off the bunker, curving your precious few shots.
  3. There is more pressure since more paint is coming at your opponent


If you have control

If you have control and someone is challenging you, keep shooting to keep them in.  If they are taking snap shots at you, watch how long he is out of his bunker shooting, and try to get the timing down of how long the paint will be in the air.

You want to minimize the time your in your bunker, and maximize the time your out shooting.  When he comes out and snaps at you, shoot back. Go into your bunker as the paint is going to reach you, and come out shortly after.  It’s all timing, so keep practicing. If you can repeatedly stay out of your bunker shooting longer,and come out sooner.


This does two things:

  1. Puts more paint in the air, for a longer time then his
  2. He is at a disadvantage for the amount of time in/out of his bunker
  3. Gets paint in the air back at him sooner, before he comes out

This will help maintain your control if you can keep him in check.


Regaining Tape Control

If you are being dominated on the tape, it can be difficult to gain control.  Here are some paintball tips for winning a gun fight in this position

Watch the paint streams and understand his shooting pattern.  Take some snap shots at him and test his skills. It might be easy to gain control if you catch him off guard, shooting inside or having to reload.

If he is keeping up on the pressure, change your height.  Gunfight on top. If he puts you in, kneel down (check the stream again), snap out and lay a quick stream down on him.  If you put him in, stand back up and take control. Changing your level will be hard for him to suppress you. If he lanes low, snap out on top.

If this doesn’t work, keep trying.  Depending on the layout you might want to check inside every once and awhile, but keep up the pressure on him.  He might realize he needs to reload giving up control, or switch inside.



Communicate with your front player.  Keep talking and relaying information, including:

  1. When you have tape control
  2. When to move
  3. When your reloading (especially if your gun is down)
  4. Opposition movements, (entering snake 1, corner, bump to snake 2, ect.)
  5. Any information you hear from the other side of the field


Moving up the field

If your team is dominating the field and you don’t have much opposition on the tape, move up the field and close the game

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